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Welcome to Africa Travel Guide!

Unexpected Africa: More Than You Bargained For

Africa! We all know it. Lions, tribesmen, savannah, warlords, famine. Sometimes, the larger something is, the more inescapable generalizations are, and most of what is written about the nations of Africa does little to move beyond “the big five”. Of course the indigenous wildlife of Africa is a great reason to visit, as well as the famous warmth and hospitality of the people, but whatever your reason for traveling to Africa make sure you keep an eye out for all the unexpected things - not the reason you went for, but perhaps what you want to stay longer for.





Africa Travel GuideUganda and the international art scene

Uganda is a beautiful country, rightly famous for being one of the only places in the world where mountain gorillas can be seen in their natural habitat; however it also has a burgeoning art scene that has an impact far beyond its borders. Of course an eager visitor wants to see the Kidepo National Park and the majestic and massive Lake Victoria, but it would be a shame not to visit Exposure Africa, a craft market in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. Visited by arts lovers from all over the world, an all manner of local crafts and modern art is on display here - just be sure to wear your haggling hat as prices vary wildly from stall to stall. 

While you’re in Uganda, why not visit what is likely the source of much of the local artists’ inspiration? The Kasubi tombs are an important spiritual and politic site for the region’s Baganda people. These royal tombs have been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. 


Rwanda and its dancing, drumming prison inmates

Rwanda is also famous for its gorillas and is known as the land of a thousand hills for its beautiful, rolling countryside. But it is also known as “little Europe” by visitors. One of many African countries with its eye firmly on the future, Rwanda has the only government in the world dominated by women, thousands of miles of fiber optic cable allowing super-fast connection to the internet, and dancing prison inmates.

Wait, what?

Rwanda has a government with a strong military and police presence. Locals are not afraid to wander alone at night, and this is despite the fact that prison inmates work in town centers without supervision. Hand in hand, garbed in cheery pink uniforms, prisoners cheerily go to work, axes and clubs in hand. It is said that Rwanda can get away with such a liberal reform program because the country is so small and crowded that it’s impossible to go on the run. Other prisons in Rwanda encourage chanting and drumming as part of their rehabilitation, making earplugs a necessary part of the traveler’s kit along with insect repellent and eye mask - unless you want to be woken up at five in the morning by discordant jailbirds. 

Rwanda is an unusual country with a proud people. One journalist reported how a taxi driver once performed a handbrake turn and embarked on a short car chase simply to castigate a passenger in a passing car for throwing a water bottle into the street (and the Rwandan government has even banned plastic bags). Visit Rwanda for it’s beautiful wildlife, but also to find a house-proud and modern nation, taking huge strides in infrastructure and social equality. Visit for a fascinating insight into a nation driven by the idea of progress, and eager to open itself to the world. Still relatively undiscovered by tourists, Rwanda is a great destination for a quiet and idiosyncratic trip.




Africa Travel GuideKenya for clubbing

London, New York, Paris, Ibiza, Los Angeles - they’re nightclub hot spots  and with good reason, but some would say they can barely hold a candle to Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. America has line dancing, Britain has morris dancing; it’s no surprise that Kenya is ahead of us.

With such a diverse ethnic make-up, it might seem logical that theme nights are so popular in the local clubs and bars - such nights are a great opportunity to express your identity and not be shy. Try to time your visit for a Friday at the end of the month - when everyone has some money jangling in their pocket. Grab an ice-cold beer courtesy of the main local brewery, Tusker, and enjoy the spectacle - many of the costumes on display have been designed for the night! 


Unexpected Africa

It goes without saying that Africa is huge - just remember that for every five things you think you know about the continent, there are fifty things waiting to be discovered. An article like this can only skim the surface - it’s up to you to dive in and see what’s on offer.


(Article is kindly provided by Annie Everest)