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Angola Destinations Travel Guide




Language: Portuguese

Currency: Kwanza (AOA)

Calling code: +244




Travel Destinations in Angola


Cangandala National Park


Cangandala National Park that is located in Malanje Province and covers 600 square km is the smallest national park in the country. Yet it is fairly well developed comparing to the rest of the country.

Iona National Park


Iona National Park in Angola is a favorite destination for an african safari. It protects an area of 9,960 km² and it is by far the largest national park in Angola.


Luanda is the largest city in Angola as well as its capital. It is situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the Sao Paulo Province. Although it does have one of the highest crime rates in the country, it is the most civilized part of the country.

Quicama National Park


Quicama National Park is about 70 km from country's capital of Luanda and covers approximately 9,960 km² in North- west Angola. It protects an area of wetlands along with grasslands that is full of large animals.









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