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Egypt Destinations Travel Guide



Flag of Egypt

Language: Arabic

Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)

Calling code: +20




Travel Destinations in Egypt


Abu Ghurab

Abu Ghurab or Abu Gorab (also Abu Gurob and Abu Jirab) is an ancient temple dedicated to the Egyptian Sun god Ra.

Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel temple complex is located on the shores of the lake Nasser in Egypt. Temple at Abu Simbel was entirely carved out of rock in the XIII century BC.


Abydos or Abidos is situated 45 km (29 mi) Southwest of Sohag, Sohag Governorate in Egypt. It was known in the ancient times as Tha Shard or "The Great Land".

Agilkia Island (Philae)

Temples on Philae Island were built over the course of six centuries, from the 3rd century BC the 3rd century AD.


Akoris is ancient archeological site situated 12 km North of Al- Minya in Minya Governorate in Egypt. This ancient Egyptian site of Akoris was inhabited since the Old Kingdom around the 22nd century BC.

Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis is located near Cairo. It is also known after a small village of Bawiti where most of buses will take you.

Beni Hasan

Beni Hasa is an ancient burial complex that is located 20 km (12 mi) South of Al Minya in Minya Governorate in Egypt.

Cave of Swimmers

If you curious why do you have a feeling you saw Cave of Swimmers somewhere, the chances are you did. It's copy made by modern artists was portrayed in the movie: "The English Patient"


Dahshur is an ancient archeological site located 40 km South of Cairo in Egypt. The unique architecture of pyramids presented here made this site an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Deir el-Bahri

Deir el- Bahri in Egypt is famous for its magnificent Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is unique in its size and architecture.


Dendera is ancient Egyptian archeological site situated 5 km (3 mi) Southwest of Qena, Qena Governorate in Egypt. This enormous temple complex covers a total area of 40,000 square meters.

Giza Pyramids

Pyramids of Giza is the largest and most recognizable symbols of the Ancient Egypt. It is the only surviving Wonder of the Ancient World that survived to our days virtually in original condition.


Karanis is an ancient archeological site situated in Kom Aushim settlement of Faiyum Governorate in Egypt.


Karnak religious complex is situated in the Luxor Governorate in Egypt. The size and complexity of Karnak Temple with its countless courtyards, halls and colossi and huge sacred lake is just mind-boggling.


Luxor religious complex is located in Luxor Governorate in Egypt. Temple at Luxor is a religious complex dedicated to a triad of Egyptian gods Amon or Amun, Mut and Khonsu.


Medamud was excavated in 1925 and several religious buildings were indentified including that of the temple dedicated to the god of war Monthu.

Pyramid of Djoser

The step of Pyramid of Djoser is situated Northwest of Memphis in the center of Saqqara necropolis.


Ramesseum stands on the opposite side of the Nile river across the modern city of Luxor in Luxor Governorate, Egypt. Its construction began in 13th century BC and was continued by the subsequent generations.

Ras Muhammad National Park

Ras Muhammad National Park that is located off the shores of Sinai peninsula was designed in 1983. It was the first national marine park of Egypt.

Saint Catherine Monastery

The Greek Orthodox Monastery of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai located in the South Sinai Governorate of Egypt. It famous for being the oldest active Christian monastery.

Valley of the Kings

The remote and barren Valley of the Kings was chosen for a necropolis by the pharaohs of the New Kingdom to offer better safety to their earthly remains.

Wadi Al-Hitan

Wadi Al- Hitan is situated some 150 km South West of Cairo.

Wadi El Natrun

Wadi El Natrum is located 100 km (62 mi) Northwest of Cairo in an natural depression in the western desert.











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