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Pyramids of Meroe

Pyramids of Meroe

Pyramids of Meroe are located outside of the city and 200 km north-east of Khartoum in Sudan.



Location: Meroe   Map

Date: 260 BC to 350 AD

Height: 98 feet (30 m)

When: Oct- Mar

Entry: $9

Temp: Jan 90F (32 C)

Apr 100F (38 C)

Oct 104F (40 C)






Description of Pyramids of Meroe Archaeological Site

Pyramids of Meroe

This archaeological site of Pyramids of Meroe consists of three royal cemeteries that were used to bury royalty as well as their family and servants. Close proximity to the ancient Egypt certainly influenced the shape of the burial structures of Meroe. However they are smaller with steeper walls. Pyramids of Meroe are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

 Pyramids of Meroe







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