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Kobayr Monastery (Քոբայր)

Kobayr Monastery

Kobyar Monastery is located just of the Highway 6 in a Lori Province of Armenia. The name is derived from a village of Kober or Kobyar that is located near by.




Location: off Hwy 6, village Kober, Lori Province    Map

Constructed: 1171





Description of Kobayr Monastery

Kobayr Monastery  Kobayr Monastery  Kobayr Monastery  Kobayr Monastery

Kobyar Monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church was completed in 1171 by the princes of the Kyurikids that belonged to a junior branch of famous Bagratuni family. The Kobyar Monastery was bought by prominent Armenian family of Zakarid in the middle of the 13th century and it was converted to a Chalcedonian monastery. Although the family was Armenian in origin, this part region of the Caucasian mountains once belonged to the Georgian Kingdom so it was Georgian king who sold these lands as a gratitude for service Zakarid have shown him over years of loyal service.


One of the members of this aristocratic family, prince Shahnashah Zakarian is buried here. His son Zachariah was killed in 1261 during struggle against the invasion of Mongol hordes. Old Shahnashah did not survive the news and collapsed from a heart attack. Furthermore the bell tower that was constructed here in 1279 also serves as a mausoleum of Mkhargryel Zakarian and his wife Vaneni Zakarian. Over time Chalcedonian Armenians abandoned this Christian complex and in the 17th century it was transported back to Armenian Apostolic Church.

Armenian Part of the monastery currently undergo renovation that make it more accessible to tourists. Several inscriptions in Armenian and Georgian became visible along with beautiful frescoes of Jesus Christ and many saints.


Kobayr Monastery  Kobayr Monastery  Kobayr Monastery  Kobayr Monastery  Kobayr Monastery  Kobayr Monastery

Kobayr Monastery










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