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Angkor Wat Archeological Site


Angkor Wat is a massive archaeological complex situated near modern day Siem Reap in Cambodia.




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Description of Angkor Wat Archeological Site

Angkor  Angkor  Angkor  Angkor

Angkor Layout MapOne of its most notable structures Angkor Wat is considered to be the largest religious structures in the World. It is also portrayed on the flag of Cambodia. Its name is derived from Khmer term that means "Holy City". The city began to flourish in 802 AD when Khmer Hindu king Jayavarman II declared himself a "god king" of his Empire. The city grew in size and beauty, but in 1351 the city was conquered by the Ayutthaya Kingdom. Residents of the city attempted to rebel against their lords in 1431, but they were defeated by a royal army. Angkor was destroyed, survivors were forced to move South to Longvek. The jungles began to overtake abandoned settlement. Today ruins of this magnificent city gained their rightful place as UNESCO World Heritage Site.










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