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China Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of China

Language: Chinese Mandarin

Currency: Chinese Yuan (CNY)

Calling Code: +86




Travel Destination in China




Beijing is the largest city in China and also the seat of its government.

Summer Palace

Summer Palace contains spacious park, residential buildings, temples and many pavilions that lie on the shores of the artificial lake.


North China (China)

Great Wall


Ancient Great Wall is probably the most famous site China was constructed the country from the Northern nomadic tribes.

Hanging Temple


Hanging Temple is a religious complex perched on a side of a mountain in Shanxi province of China.

Qin I’s mausoleum


Qin I mausoleum is famous for a huge Terracotta Army buried with the Emperor Quin I.

Ming Dynasty Tombs


Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty are located 30 mi (45 km) Northwest of Bejing in China.

Putuo Zongcheng Temple


Putuo Zongcheng Temple is a Buddhist religious complex situated in a Hebei Province in China. Its construction began during Qing Dynasty.

Yungang Grottoes


Yungang Grottoes is a massive religious complex carved from a side of a mountain.




Central China (China)

Huangshan Mountains


Huangshan Mountain are located in Anhui province these mountains started their unique formation 100 million years ago.



Wulingyuan Mountains are located in Hunan Province has some of the most amazing geological formations.



Southwest China (China)

Guilin Hills


Guilin Hills are picturesque geological formations on a shores of beautiful rivers.

Jiuzhaigou Valley


Picturesque Jiuzhaigou Valley lies in Sichuan Province of China.



Gansu and Quinghai (China)

Jiayuguan Castle


Medieval Jiayuguan Castle is a beatiful fort with its unique Chinese architecture.



Tibet (China)

Gyantse Castle


Gyantse Castle is a medieval citadel situated in Gyantse, Xigazê Prefecture in China. It was constructed in 1390.



Lhasa is a former religious center of the Tibetan Buddhism. Currently it serves as an administrative capital of the Tibet Region.






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