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Nalanda Archaeological Site


Nalanda an ancient Archeological site situated in Nalanda District in India, 88 km South East of Patna.




Location: Nalanda District    Map

Open: daily

Museum: Sat- Thu





Description of Nalanda Archaeological Site

Nalanda  Nalanda  Nalanda  Nalanda  Nalanda  Nalanda

Nalanda Archaeological Site was an important commercial and religious center starting with the 5th century AD during reign of Sakraditya (ruler identified as Kumara Gupta I or Kumara Gupta II) and lasted until 1193 when it was sacked by a Turk ruler Bakhtiyar Khilju. In his attempt to wipe out Buddhism from region he burned many Buddhist monasteries and many of the monks. Nalanda did not entirely cease its existence. A small community of Buddhist monks still lived among ruins of the former city, but it went in significant decline from that point on and was eventually abandoned.








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