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Jerusalem (יְרוּשָׁלַיִם‎‎, القُدس)


Jerusalem is probably the most important city in Western Civilization. It is considered sacred by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The control over Jerusalem is still a subject of disputes yet it is safe to visit and thousands of tourists visit it annually. For easier orientation Jerusalem is divided into three parts: West Jerusalem, East Jerusalem and the Old City. The Old City contain the historic quarters and are divided even further into Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian quarters. Bringing a map along is a really good idea because you can easily get lost in narrow and disorganized streets of the Old City. Maps don't have to be very detailed. It would be even better if it will show only locations of major sites, what they are and where can you find them in relation to your location.





Travel Destinations in Jerusalem

Temple Mount or Haram esh- Sharif ("Noble Sanctuary") (Jerusalem)


Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem)



El- Aqsa Mosque (Jerusalem)







Jewish Quarter (Jerusalem)



The Cardo (Jerusalem)


Hurva Synagogue (Jerusalem)


The Sephardic Synagogues (Jerusalem)


Wohl Archaeological Museum (Jerusalem)


The Burnt House (Jerusalem)


The Broad Wall (Jerusalem)


Western (Wailing) Wall (Jerusalem)


Ophel Archeological Museum (Jerusalem)



Ramban Synagogue (Jerusalem)


Ariel Centre for Jerusalem in the First Temple Period (Jerusalem)



Old Yishuv Court Museum (Jerusalem)


Israelite Tower (Jerusalem)


Saint Mary of the Germans (Jerusalem)



Christian Quarter (Jerusalem)


Church of Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem)


Alexander Hospice (Jerusalem)


Lutheran Church of the Redeemer (Jerusalem)


Muristan (Jerusalem)




Church of Saint John the Baptist (Jerusalem)

Museum of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate (Jerusalem)

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Road

Tel. (02) 628 2048

Open: 8am- 3pm Mon- Sat

Greek Catholic Patriarchate

Tel. (02) 627 1968

Open: 8am- 12pm Mon- Sat



Armenian Quarter (Jerusalem)


The Citadel (Jerusalem)



Saint Mark's Church (Jerusalem)



A Walk on the Roofs (Jerusalem)


A Walk on the Roofs of Jerusalem begins at the corner of Khabad Street and Saint Mark's Road. An iron staircase leads to the roofs of Jerusalem houses. If you feel lost you can locals for directions.


Mardigian Museum (Jerusalem)

Armenian Patriarchate Road

Tel. (02) 628 2331

Open: 10am- 4:30pm Mon- Sat

Saint James' Cathedral (Jerusalem)


Armenian Patriarchate Rd.

Tel. (02) 628 2331

Open: 6:30–7:30am and 3–3:40pm Sun–Fri

6:30–9:30am Sat





Muslim Quarter (Jerusalem)


Saint Anne's Church (Jerusalem)


Virgin Mary Birth Place (Jerusalem)


Pool of Bethesda (Jerusalem)


Monastery of Flagellation (Jerusalem)


Ecce Homo Arch (Jerusalem)



Via Dolorosa (Jerusalem)


Lady Tunshuq's Palace (Jerusalem)


Central Souk (Jerusalem)


Zedekiah's Cave (Jerusalem)




Jerusalem Walls And Gates


The Old City is surrounded by impressive walls that stretch for 4 km (2.5 mi) and reach at places height of 20 meters. They were constructed in 1536- 39 by Suleiman the Magnificent. His workers did not bother too much with the material and often used stones from earlier structures that were destroyed previously. The gates of the city include that of Damascus, New, Jaffa, Zion, Dung, Lion Gate or Gate of Saint Stefan and Herod's Gate. The eight gate is a Golden Gate that is situated in the Eastern Wall of the city in direction of the Hebron Valley.


Map of Jerusalem Gates and City Walls


Damascus Gate (Jerusalem)


Lion's Gate (Jerusalem)



Jaffa Gate (Jerusalem)


Zion Gate (Jerusalem)


The damage around Zion Gate is not weathering. These are bullet holes.


Golden Gate (Jerusalem)

Herod’s Gate (Jerusalem)

Dung Gate (Jerusalem)


New Gate (Jerusalem)


The Mount of Olives (Jerusalem)


The observation deck on the Mount of Olives offers the best view of the Whole Jerusalem. Mount of Olives itself stands at a height of 793 meters and it is the highest mountain surrounding Jerusalem. The name of this prominent geologic feature is given due to a fact that olives were cultivated here for at least 30 centuries. Directly in front of a lookout you can see a huge Jewish cemetery. First tombs here appeared as early as a period of the First Temple. Later generations added and expanded the burial site. According to a religious beliefs when the Messiah ascend the Mount of Olives He will begin resurrection of the dead from the dead who are buried here. The most prominent feature on the Mount of Olives is the Orthodox Church of the Ascension. Its 60 meter high white bell tower known locally as a Russian Candle stands on the highest point of the mountain. Nearby chapel of Ascension was constructed on a spot where according to tradition Jesus Christ ascended to heaven forty days after his crucifixion.


Tomb of Mary or Tomb of the Virgin also known as Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Jerusalem)


Garden of Gethsemane (Jerusalem)


Russian Church of the Ascension (Jerusalem)


Mosque of the Ascension (Jerusalem)


Church of the Pater Noster (Jerusalem)


Church of All Nations (Jerusalem)


Church of St. Mary Magdalene (Jerusalem)


Dominus Flevit Chapel (Jerusalem)


Mount of the Olives

Tel. (02) 626 6450

Bus: 99

Open: 8am- 5pm daily


Tombs of the Prophets (Jerusalem)


Mount of Olives

Open: 9am- 3:30pm Mon- Fri


Tombs of Zechariah (Jerusalem (Jerusalem)


Valley of Jehoshaphat


Mount Zion (Jerusalem)


Stepped Stone Structure (Jerusalem)



Caiaphas House and Saint Peter in Gallicantu (Jerusalem)



King David's Tomb (Jerusalem)

Church of the Dormition (Jerusalem)

Mount Zion

Tel (02) 671 9927

Bus: 38, 20

Open: 9am- 12pm & 12:30pm- 6pm Mon- Thu

9am- 12pm & 2- 6pm Fri

10:30am- 12pm & 12:30- 6pm Sun


Hall of the Last Supper (Jerusalem)

Mount Zion

Open: 8am- 8pm daily (8am- 6pm in winter)


Oscar Schindler's Tomb (Jerusalem)

Mount Zion




Outside of the City of Jerusalem


The Garden Tomb (aka Gordon's Calvary) (Jerusalem)




Modern Jerusalem


King David Hotel (Jerusalem)


Russian Compound (Jerusalem)

Khesh Street

Bus: 13, 18, 20, 23

Underground Prisoners' Museum

Tel. (02) 523 3766

Open: 9am- 5pm Sun- Thu


King's Tomb (Jerusalem)


Italian Synagogue (Jerusalem)

27 Hillel Street

Tel. (02) 624 1610

Bus: 18, 21, 22, 30

Open: 9am- 5pm Sun, Tue, Wed

9am- 2pm Mon

9am- 1pm Thu, Fri

Closed: Jewish religious holidays


Solomon's Quarries (Jerusalem)

Sultan Suleyman Street

Bus: 23, 27

Open: 9am- 4pm Sun- Thu

9am- 2pm Fri


Saint George's Cathedral (Jerusalem)

53 Nablus Road

Tel. (02) 628 3261

Bus: 6, 23, 27

Visit by appointments only


Saint Etienne Monastery (Jerusalem)

Nablus Road

Tel. (02) 626 4468

Bus: 23, 27

Open: daily


Rockefeller Museum (Jerusalem)

27 Sultan Suleyman Street

Tel. (02) 628 2251

Open: 10am–3pm Sun, Mon, Wed,Thu

10am–2pm Sat

YMCA (Jerusalem)

24 King David Street

Tel. (02) 569 2692

Bus: 7, 8, 30, 38

Tower Open: 8am- 6pm daily


New City Hall (Jerusalem)

Jaffa Road

Tel. (02) 629 7777 and (02) 629 6666

 Bus: 6, 13, 18, 20, 27

Open: 8:30am- 4pm Sun- Thu

8:30am- 12pm Fri


Ticho House (Jerusalem)

9 Ha- Rav Kook Street

Tel. (02) 624 5068

Bus: 11, 13, 18, 20, 35, 48

Museum: Open 10am- 5pm Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu

10am- 10pm Tue

10am- 2pm Fri

Closed: Jewish holidays


Jerusalem Time Elevator (Jerusalem)

Beit Agron, 37 Hillel Street

Tel. (2) 625 2227

Open: 10am- 8pm Thu- Sun


Italian Hospital (Jerusalem)

Ha- Neviim and Shivtei Yisrael Streets

Bus: 27

Closed to public


Mea Shearim (Jerusalem)


American Colony Hotel (Jerusalem)

2 Louis Vincent Street

Tel. (02) 627 9777

Bus: 23, 27


Outskirts of the City of Jerusalem


Biblical Zoo (Jerusalem)


Tel. (02) 675 0111

Bus: 26, 33, 99

Open: Sept- May 9am- 5pm

Jun- Aug: 9am- 7pm


Monastery of the Cross (Jerusalem)





Yad Vashem (Jerusalem)

Mount Herzl

Tel. (02) 644 3400

Bus: 13, 21, 23, 27

Open: 9am- 5pm Sun- Thu

9am- 2pm Fri


LA Mayer Museum of Islamic Art (Jerusalem)

2 Ha- Palmakh Street, Talbiya

Tel. (02) 566 1292

Bus: 13, 15

Open: 10am- 3pm Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu

10am- 6pm Tue, 10am- 2pm Fri and Sat


Bible Lands Museum (Jerusalem)

25 Avraham Granot St, Givat Ram

Tel (02) 561 1066

Bus: 9, 17, 24, 99

Open: 9:30am–5:30pm Sun–Tue and Thu

9:30am–9:30pm Wed, 9:30am–2pm Fri and evenings of Jewish holidays

Closed: Sat and Jewish holidays


Supreme Court (Jerusalem)

Shaarei Mishpat Street, Givat Ram

Tel. (02) 675 9612

Bus: 9, 24, 99

Open: 8:30am- 2:30pm Sun- Thu


Knesset (Jerusalem)

Rothschild Street, Givat Ram

Tel. (02) 675 3333

Bus: 9, 24, 99

Open: 8:30am- 2pm Sun and Thu


Mount Herzl and Herzl Museum (Jerusalem)

Mount Herzl

Tel. (02) 643 3266

Bus: 13, 17, 18, 20, 23

Open: 9am- 3:30pm Sun- Thu

9am- 12:30pm Fri


Israel Museum (Jerusalem)

Ruppin Road, Givat Ram

Tel. (02) 670 8811

Bus: 9, 17, 24

Open: 10am- 4pm Mon, Wed, Sat and public holidays

4- 9pm Tue, 10am- 9pm Thu, 10am- 2pm Fri

Closed: Sundays, Yom Kippur









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