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Baalbek Archaeological Site (بعلبك)


Baalbek Archaeological Site is an ancient city situated in the Beqaa Valley of Beqaa Governorate of Lebanon. It was first settled around 9000 BC.






Location: Beqaa Valley  Map




History of Baalbek Archaeological Site


After conquest of the region by the Macedonians the city became part of the Hellenistic World. At the time the city became known as Heliopolis or "Sun city". Ancient god Baalbek who was thought to be the chief protector of the city was associated with Greek god of sun Helios. It reached the peak of its power under Roman rule. Romans constructed magnificent temples dedicated to triad of gods including Bacchus, Jupiter and Venus. Particularly Temple of Jupiter became the prominent feature of the town. It reached a height of 22 meters. It stood on a podium that measures 48 by 88 meters with a height of 13 meters above ground level. Enormous stones that supported the temple itself measure up to 800 tons each. Without a doubt it is one of the most significant structures of the ancient World. Ancient city was re- discovered in 1898. German Archaeological Mission removed later structures to uncover ancient city that laid below.





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