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Sidon Sea Castle (قلعة صيدا البحرية)


Sidon Sea Castle is a medieval fortress situated on a island and connected to the mainland via a 80 meter causeway. It is located in the city of Sidon of the South Governorate in Lebanon.




Location: Sidon, South Governorate   Map

Constructed: 1228 by Crusaders





Description of Sidon Sea Castle


Sidon Sea Castle was constructed in 1228 by the Crusaders on ruins of Phoenician temple devoted to Melkart. This mythical hero distinguished himself with numerous feats of bravery and chivalry. After his death he was proclaimed a deity and several shrines were devoted to him in the Eastern Mediterranean. Romans established their own fortification here, but it was largely in ruins by the time Christian armies of Western Europe showed up here. The castle protected local harbor from attacks of the pirates. After Crusaders lost control of the region the walls of the their former stronghold was largely destroyed by the Mamluks. In the following centuries Muslims did rebuild several of the towers to keep an eye over the watery frontier, but it did not reach the same level of sophistication as it did in the Medieval times.





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