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Chronology of the Aztec Empire

Aztec Empire Map

Aztec Civilization is a fairly brief one. Yet Aztecs left a legacy of magnificent cities, developed trade routes and incredibly violent culture.












1100   Aztec tribes leave their homeland Aztlan. The origin of this mythical land was placed from the North Valley of Mexico to Southwestern USA
1195   Aztecs arrive in Valley of Mexico
1250   Aztecs settle near Lake Texcoco
1325   Tenochtitlan is found. According to a Aztec religion they were promised land by a sign from gods. It would be an eagle eating a snake and sitting on a prickly pear cactus. Today this image can be seen on a flag of modern Mexico.
1350   Cayseways are constructed with canals
1370   Tenoch, Aztec priest and a ruler, had died. Tepanecs rule the Aztecs
1375- 1394   Acamapichtli becomes the first ruler of the Aztec Empire
1396- 1417   Rule of Huitzilihuitl ("Hummingbird Feather"), second king of Tenochtitlan
1400   Aztecs defeat Tepanecs and overtake the whole valley
1417- 1427   Rule of Chumalpopoca, third king of Tenochtitlan
1427   Maxtla, son of Tezozomoc and king of Atzcapotzalco, assassinated Chimalpopoca ("Smoking Shield").
1428   Atzcapotzalco is conquered by a Triple Alliance of the Aztecs, Texcoco and Tlacopan
1440- 1469   Rule of Montezuma I
1452   Tenochitlan is destroyed by flood
1452- 54   Famine
1486- 1502   Ahuitzotl becomes the new Ruler
1487   Construction of the Great Temple begins in Tenochtitlan. Aztec armies expand southward into Mayan territories
1502- 19   Rule of Motehcuzōma Xocoyotzin (Montezuma II)

Tenochtitlan Map

1519   Spring- Spanish Conquistadors under leadership of Hernando Cortez arrive in Mexico. Montezuma is killed. Massacre in the Main Temple
1520- 1521   Outbreak of Smallpox among the Aztecs. Population is decimated by the disease brought by the Europeans explorers.
1521   July 1, Spanish flee Tenochtitlan. Aztecs catch up with the invaders and massacre many conquistadors. Later the night is called La Noche Triste (the Sad Night)
    August 13- Tenochtitlan is destroyed
1522   Tenochtitlan is renamed to Mexico city. It becomes a capital of Spanish colony of New Spain

Aztec Empire












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