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Chronology of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Civilization Timeline

Ancient Egyptian Civilization is one of the oldest and most influential civilizations in the World. Its achievements influenced Western philosophy, religious fought and other important aspects of a modern World.











3400-2980 BC     1st & 2nd dynasties


3100 BC   First evidence of hiero-glyphic writing  
    Menes unifies Lower and Upper Egypt  
3000- 2890 BC   First Dynasty rulers are buried at Abydos  
2980-2900 BC     3rd dynasty


2950- 2900 BC   King Djoser built Step Pyramid in Saqqara  
2900-2750 BC     4th dynasty
2850 - 2790 BC   Construction of the great pyramids of Giza by Khufu (Cheops), Khep-hren (Chephren), and Menkare  
ca. 2800 BC   King Userkaf orderers construction of the temple that he dedicates to sun god Ra at Abusir  
2750-2625 BC     5th dynasty
2623-2475 BC     6th dynasty
2475-2445 BC

2445-2160 BC

    7th & 8th dynasties

9th & 10th dynasties


2445- 2160 BC   Egypt is divided again. South Egypt is ruled by Thebes and North Egypt is ruled by Herakleopolis  
2160-2000 BC     11th dynasty


2055 BC   Metuhotep reunifies Egypt. Pharaoh also orders construction of  Dyr al-Bahri for self- glorification  
2000-1788 BC     12th dynasty
c. 2000 BC   Amenemhet moved the capital Memphis  
1780-1549 BC     13th- 17th dynasties


1549-1298 BC     18th dynasty


1549- 1524 BC   Ahmose I  
1524- 1503 BC   Amenhotep I  
1503- 1491 BC   Thutmosis I, first pharaoh to be burried in the Valley of the Kings  
1503- 1491 BC   Thutmosis II  
1503 - 1492 BC   Thutmose I begins his military campaigns  
1491- 1479 BC   Hatshepsut  
1479- 1424 BC   Thutmosis III  
1424- 1398 BC   Amenhotep II  
1398- 1388 BC   Thutmosis IV  
1388- 1348 BC   Amenhotep III  
1380 BC   Amenhotep III orders construction of the temple in Luxor  
1350-1334 BC   Reign of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton). Brief esta-blishment of monothe-ism in Egypt  
1334-1325 BC   Reign of Tutankhamon
1333- 1328 BC   Reign of Ay  
1328- 1298 BC   Reign of Horemheb  
1298-1205 BC     19th dynasty
1279 - 1213 BC   Ramses II orders construction of the mortuary temple at Ramesseum  
1200-1090 BC     20th dynasty
1090-945 BC     21st dynasty


945-745 BC     22nd dynasty
745-718 BC     23rd dynasty
718-712 BC     24th dynasty
712-663 BC     25th dynasty
663-525 BC     26th dynasty
525- 332 BC      

Late Period

332 BC- 30 BC      

Hellenistic Period

285- 246 BC   Reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus. Hebew Torah, Septuagint, is translated into Greek by his orders.  
51-30 BC   Reign of Cleopatra VII  
31 BC   Battle at Actium. Octa-vian August defeats Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius  
30 BC  




Egypt is conquered by Rome. Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius com-mit suicide  










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