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Berat Castle (Kalaja e Beratit)

Berat Castle

Berat Castle is a massive medieval citadel situated above a village of Berat in the Berat County. You can get here by taking a bus from Tirana that lasts for 3 hours. The entrance fee to the Berat Castle is free. It contains several mosques and Christian churches including Church of Saint Mary, the largest in Berat Citadel.


Location: Berat, Berat County   Map

Constructed: current citadel is largely from the 13th century construction under Despot of Epirus, Michael Angelus Comnenus

Entrance Fee: free

Lodging and Hotels:

Berat Backpackers

 295, Gorica, Berat, Albania

Tel. (+355) 693064429




History of Berat Castle

The strategic location of the castle have seen several military fortifications on the same spot. Earliest citadel built here was a wooden fortress of the Illyrian chieftain in the 4th century BC. During Roman invasion castle was burned down by the advancing army and subsequently reconstructed. It was strengthened by Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II in the fifth century and another reconstruction was undertaken by Emperor Justinian I in the sixth century. However much of today's appearance Berat Castle owes to Despot of Epirus, Michael Angelus Comnenus, cousin of the Byzantine Emperor who increased the size of the defences in the 13th century. Besides numerous churches also contains remains of the Muslim mosque that served Turkish garrison stationed here after local lands were conquered by the Ottomans.


Berat Castle  Berat Castle  Berat Castle Walls  Berat Castle Church  Abandoned Gun  Berat Castle  Berat Castle  Berat Castle


Travel Destinations in Berat

Berat Ethnographic Museum

Entrance Fee: 200 leke

Tel. 032 32 224

Open: winter: 9am- 4pm Tue- Sat, 9am- 2pm Sun

summer: 9am- 1pm and 4- 7pm Tue- Sat, 9am- 2pm Sun

Ethnographic Museum is situated below the walls of the Berat Castle in the 18th century Ottoman house. It contains a large collection of traditional Albanian clothes, tools and other items used by everyday people. You can get a brochure and a guided tour around the Ethnographic Museum.


Berat Onufri Museum

Entance Fee: 200 leke

Tel. 032 32 248

Open: winter: 9am- 4pm

summer: 9am- 1pm and 4- 7pm

Closed: Mondays

Onufri Museum is a museum of local arts and history. It is situated in the church of the Dormition of Saint Mary (Kisha Fjetja e Shen Merlse). Before the country was conquered Kala region of Berat was predominantly Christian neighbourhood, however forceful conversion forced many Christians either to convert to Islam or to flee the village. During Medieval period Berat had over 20 churches, but after the conquest of Ottoman army most of them were destroyed. This church was one of the few exceptions. It houses a collection of art work through out much of the year, but occasionally it is used for Christian service.









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