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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Destinations Travel Guide




Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

Currency: Convertible Mark (BAM)

Calling Code: 387




Travel Destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Blidinje Nature Park


Besides Illyrian burial monuments (stećci) and ancient Roman roads spread throughout Blidinje National Park you can find a micronation known around here as a Hajdučka Republika Mijata Tomića.



Bobovac is a medieval fortified Bosnian capital that was first mentioned in 1349.

Bosnian Pyramids


Bosnian Pyramids are alleged human made pyramids that are situated near a village of Visoko, North- West of Sarajevo

Fortress of Doboj


Fortress of Doboj was constructed in the early 13th century on a site of an older 10th century brick castle.

Jajce Castle


Jajce Castle along with a village of Jajce that lies beneath the castle were found by Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić in 14th century.

Maglaj Fortress


Medieval Maglaj Fortress located in Maglaj, Zenica-Doboj canton was constructed in the 14th century.

Pocitelj Castle


Village of Počitelj played an important role in the medieval times serving as a administrative center of governance of Dubrava ┼żupa (county).

Srebrenik Fortress


Few portions of old walls and towers have collapsed due to seismic activity, but much of the castle is in a good conditions.

Sutjeska National Park


Sutheska National Park became a hiding spot for many partisans who fought against the Nazis during World War II.





Geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in the Southern Eastern Europe located on the Balkan Peninsula. It is a former republic of Yugoslavia gaining its independence in the 90's after a Civil War. It consists of autonomous administrative units of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and Brcko District. It borders Croatia in the North and West, Serbia in the East and in the South East with Montenegro. It also has a small outlet to the Adriatic Sea. Bosnia occupies northern part of the country along the valley of the Sava River, Herzegovina in the South in the basin of the Neretva River. Srpska Republic  lies in the North East, adjacent to Serbia.

Safety while you travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is not recommended to make any comments about the recent Balkan War that resulted in break up of Yugoslavia. The memories is still very alive in the region and opinions very greatly on its outcomes and causes.

Emergency Numbers

One emergency service 112

Ambulance 124

Fire 123

Police 122


Political System of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a republic. The head of the state is the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina that consists of three members of the constituent peoples. The term for the office in the Presidium is 4 years. Legislative body is Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consists of two chambers: the House of Peoples and the House of Representatives. The supreme executive body is the Council of Ministers.

Language of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The official languages Bosnia and Herzegovina are Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian

Religion of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The predominant religions in the region are Islam, Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism.

Photo and video

Be advised that making photos and videos is allowed only in the areas where there is no sign prohibiting this. It is generally forbidden to make pictures of transport infrastructure, energy facilities, port facilities and military sites.






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