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Greece Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Greece

Language: Greek

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Calling Code: 30




Travel Destinations in Greece


Athens Area (Greece)


The fame of cultural achievements and beauty of Athens is known since the ancient times for the past 7000 years.



Brauron is an ancient Greek town with numerous religious and public buildings.

Daphni Monastery

Greek medieval Daphni Monastery is famous for its exquisite mosaics and beatiful architecture.



Ancient Greek city of Eleusis was home to mysterious initiations and secret cults.

Koutouki Cave


Koutouki Cave is a large underground network of geological formations.


Marathon is a site of a battle between Greeks and Persians. Runner from the battle site ran to Athens, told about victory and died shortly thereafter.



Ancient Greek city Oropos has some interesting ruins on a backdrop of majestic Greek nature.



Rhamnous is an ancient Greek settlement that is located in Attica region of Greece near Athens, Greek capital.



Ancient Greek ruins of Sounion on a high grounds offer picturesque view of the sea.



Peloponnese (Greece)


Ancient City of Corinth is one of the most important settlements in Antiquity. Although it was destroyed several times its citizens managed to find strength to rebuild Corinth to its former glory.


Epidaurus is an ancient Greek city those remains are still used today for shows.
Korobi and Methone


Medieval castles of Korobi and Methone are well preserved despite years of disrepair.

Lousios Gorge


Lousios Gorge is a picturesque canyon in Arcadia region famous for its medieval Orthodox Greek monasteries that are perched on the walls of the canyon.


Mighty Byzantine fortress of Monemvasia is situated on a picturesque peninsula with a single narrow road leading here.


 Mycanae is the former capital of king Agamemnon that is still visible and impressive after years of disrepair.


A complex of military might and Christian architecture of Mystras is worth the climb.


Greek city of Olympia is the site of the first pan- Greek games that today are celebrated World wide.

Pyrgos Dirou Caves

 Pyrgos Dirou Caves are a spiderweb of underground passages with marvelous geologic formations.


Massive ancient walls of Greek Tiryns still will impress anyone who will approach the ruins of the city.



Central Greece (Greece)



Ancient religious site of Delphi is synonymous with predictions and clairvoyance.

Hosios Loukas


Hosios Loukas is one of the most impressive monasteries of medieval Greece.



Meteora is a group of medieval monasteries perched on huge geological formations.



Northern Greece (Greece)

  Mount Athos


Mount Athos is an isolated peninsula with several Orthodox monasteries. Entrance to women is prohibited.



Philippi was build by Philip of Macedon, Julius Caesar fought an import battle here, but it is a lonely preacher Paul that made this city World famous.



Crete (Greece)



Frangokastello is a medieval castle famous for ghost armies that seem to appear here every year on anneversary of the famous battle between Greeks and Turks.



Knossos Palace became a source of legend and a mythical Minotaur since the time of the ancient Greeks.

Psychro Cave


Psychro Cave is one of the most legendary caves on the Crete Island. The legend claims that it was in this cave god Zeus was born by goddess Rhea.

Samaria Gorge


Samaria Gorge is a picturesque valley on the island of Crete. Besides natural beaty there is a number of ruins from different period along the path.


Cyclades Islands (Greece)



Santorini is probably one of the beautiful and picturesque Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea that has connections to the legendary city of Atlantis described by Plato.



Dodecanese (Greece)




The center attraction of Lindos are ruins from ancient and medieval times.



Ionian Islands (Greece)

  Corfu Island


Greek island of Corfu is a small paradise that managed to stay out of continental troubles.

Ithaca Island


Legendary home of Odysseus, Ithaca still impresses anyone who visits this Mediterranean island.








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