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Leap Castle

Leap Castle

Leap Castle is located in the Offaly County, about 4 miles north of the town of Roscrea on the R421 road. Leap Castle was constructed in 1250 by O’Bannon family under rule of O’Carroll clan and originally was called “Leim ui Bhanain” or “Leap of the O’Bannons”.




Location: 4 miles north of Roscrea on the R421, County Offaly

Phone: (0509) 31115

Hours: 10am - 5pm





Leap Castle    Leap Castle    Leap Castle

Ghostly activity in Leap Castle

Without a doubt Leap Castle is most famous for its paranormal activity. In fact it holds unofficial title of the most haunted castle in all of Ireland. It is not surprising if you know its bloody and violent history. Many people were imprisoned here and found death here. In Bloody Chapel a man killed his own brother for unknown reason during the mass. Not far from this crime scene an oubliette (from French “to forget”) was found that looked like a deep hole with spikes on the bottom and a trap door to close it. It took three cartload to remove all human remains. Amazingly workers found a 1840’s pocket watch on the bottom indicating an unknown murder. It is not surprising that this place has numerous apparitions through its history. Witnesses claim that the most horrifying ghost is that of a small hunched creature that leaves stench. The ghost is referred to simply as “It” or “Elemental” apparently due to smell that sometimes described by witnesses as a smell of sulphur.


Leap Castle 










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