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Memtine Prison (Rome)

Memtine Prison (Rome)

Memtine Prison is one the gloomiest and creepiest places in the Ancient Rome. Unlike other structure it is located underneath the Forum and below church of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami.




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At the time known as Tullianum it is a former cistern that was dried to make room for the prisoners. Its connection to the main sewer or cloaca maxima was not cut so all the bodies of executed people were simply dumped with a flow. There was no reason or need for a burial. It was here that brave Gaulish leader Vercingetorix met his end in 52 BC after being defeated and captured by Julius Caesar.


It is also here that Apostle Peter was arrested and kept. It is said that he opened a spring in the prison floor that he used to baptize his prison guards. Turned cross you will see here is a reference to this apostle since he was crucified upside down.










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