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Latvia Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Latvia

Language: Latvian

Currency: Lats (LVL)

Calling Code: +371

Latvian History




Travel Destinations in Latvia


Bauska Castle


Bauska Castle is a medieval fortress situated in Bauska, Zemgale region of Latvia. The military defenses are established on the confluences of Musa and Memele rivers.

Cēsis Castle


Cēsis Castle or Wenden Castle in German is a medieval castle located in Cēsis region of Latvia. It was constructed on the left bank of Gauja River in 1209 by Livonian Brothers of the Sword.

Dobele Castle


Medieval Dobele Castle is was constructed in the 14th century by the knights of the Livonian Order.

Gauja National Park


Gauja National Park is a nature reserve that covers an ancient valley of the Gauja river those banks are formed by Devonian cliffs.

Jaunpils Castle


Jaunpils Castle is a medieval citadel that was constructed in the 14th century in Zemgale region of Latvia.

Ķemeri National Park


Kemeri National Park is a large expanse of protected wetlands, meadows and flood plains inhibited by numerous bird species.

Mežotne Palace


Mežotne Palace is a private residence situated 70 km from Riga. It was constructed in 1797- 1802 by Charlotte von Lieven.

Rāzna National Park


Razna National Park is the newest nature reserve situated in Latgalia region of Latvia.



Riga is the capital of Latvia that is also the largest city in the country.

Rundale Palace


Magnificent Baroque Rundale Palace was constructed Ernst Johann von Biron, an important figure at the Royal Russian Palace.

Slītere National Park


Slitere National Park covers 265 sq km of untouched broadleaf forest and sand dunes (kangari in Latvian) on the Baltic Sea coast.

Tervete Nature Park


Tervete Nature Park situated near Latvian capital is an interesting and fun destinations for grown ups and kids alike.

Turaida Castle


Turaida Castle was constructed in 1214 by Albert of Riga the third Bishop of Riga. He called it 'Turaida' or 'God's garden'.









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