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Lithuania Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Lithuania

Language: Lithuanian

Currency: Lithuanian litas

Calling Code: 370





Travel Destinations in Lithiania


Aukštaitija National Park


Aukštaitija National Park situated in Ignalina region of Lithuania 100 km North of Vilnus. This natural reserve covers an area of 406 sq km.

Biržai Castle


Elegant Birzai Castle was constructed between 1586 and 1589 by Duke Kristupas Radvila.

Dzūkija National Park


Dzukija National Park is a large protected area in Lithuania that is famous for its natural beauty as well as historic sites.

Hill of Crosses


Hill of Crosses is an impressive collection of numerous crosses. It is a place of spiritual and Litguanian national pride.



Kaunas is second largest city in Lithuania that stands on the cofluence of Neris and Nemunas.



Picturesque hills of Kernave are actually remains of military fortifications of the medieval stronghold that stood on the right bank of the Neris River.



Klaipeda is a large Lithuanian city that was found by the Livonian Order in 1252 to guard its newly acquired possessions.

Kuršių Nerija National Park


Kursiu Nerija National Park is Lithuanian nature reserve that protects unique biosphere Curonian Spit, a long narrow peninsula along the Baltic Sea.

Panemune Castle


Panemune Castle was erected in the 16th century and replaced medieval stronghod that Teutonic Knights built here to conquer Lithuanian lands inhabited by pagan tribes.

Pazaislis Monastery


Roman Catholic Pazaislis Monastery is a beautiful Baroque abbey that is surrounded by Kaunas Sea.

Trakai Island Castle


Medieval Trakai Castle is a former royal residence situated on an island in the middle of the lake.



Old Town of Vilnius is the largest city in Lithuania and also the capital of the country.

Žemaitija National Park


Žemaitija National Park is nature preserve that also harbors abandoned Soviet army base.




History of Lithuania

1236 Samogitian victory over German crusader knights

1240 Lithuania is united under leadership under Duke Mindaugas

1253 Duke Mindaugas is crowned king of Lithuania

1386 Lithuania and Poland are united into largest country in Europe

1410 Battle of Grunwald. Lithuanians and their allies defeat Teutonic knights

1569 Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth is created, known as Union of Lublin

1655 Russian forces take Vilnius

1795 Final Partition of the Commonwealth. Catherine II the Great takes large portion of the Poland along with Baltic states

1831 Lithuanians rebel against Russian rule. It is crashed by Russian army

1918 Lithuania gets its independence after Russian Revolution of 1917

1926 President Smetona takes power

1940 USSR under Joseph Stalin annexes Baltic states including Lithuania

1941 German army invades Lithuania that is part of USSR at the time

1944 Soviet army reoccupies Lithuania

1955 Partisan war of "Forest Brothers" against Soviet rule dies away in the country

1988 Sajudis Movement begins

1990 Lithuania declares independence

2004 Lithuania joins NATO and becomes member of the EU


Visitor Information


Embassies in Lithuania

United States

Akmenu 6, Vilnius


United Kingdom

Antakalnio 2, Vilnius



Vilnius 23

Tel. (5) 212 3369



Jogailos 4, Vilnius


Emergency Numbers

Ambulance 03, 112

Fire fighters 01, 112

Police 02, 112








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