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Macedonia Destinations Travel Guide




Language: Macedonian

Currency: Macedonian denar (MKD)

Calling Code: 389




Travel Destinations in Macedonia


Galičica National Park


Galicica National Park is one of the richest and picturesque nature reserves in the Republic of Macedonia.

Kale Fortress


Kale Fortress or Skopje Fortress is a medieval citadel situated in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia.

Marko's Towers


Medieval Marko's Towers were constructed in the late 13th century near town of Prilep.

Monastery of Saint Joachim Osogovski


Medieval Monastery of Saint Joachim Osogovski is one of the largest Macedonian monasteries.

Monastery of Saint Naum


Monastery of Saint Naum played an important role in the history of Macedonian history.

Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery


Saint Jovan (John) Bigorski Monastery is devoted to Saint John the Baptist. The term 'bigorski' means 'tuff rock' in Macedonian. The monastery was found in 1021 by first Archbishop of Orchid Ivan I Debranin.

Samuil's Castle


Samuil's Castle in Ohrid was an original capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom during reign of King Samuil.

Strumica Fortress


Medieval Strumica Fortress was destroyed by Byzantine Emperor Basil II after his victory over Bulgarians.

Vardar Hill


Vardar Hill is a settlement from an Early Antiquity that held a strategic high ground over Vardar Valley.

Vinica Fortress


Vinica Fortress in the eastern Republic of Macedonia still hide thousands years of history of many civilization that existed here.










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