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Romania Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Romania

Language: Romanian

Currency: Leu (RON)

Calling Code: 40




Travel Destinations in Romania


Banffy Castle


Banffy Castle is located in village of Bonţida of Cluj County in Romania. These lands were granted to a noble Romanian Banffy family by King Sigismund of Luxembourg in 1387.

Bran Castle


Medieval Bran Castle situated in the Brasov County is widely known as the Dracula's Castle.

Deva Castle


Deva Castle is situated on the volcanic hill overlooking city of Deva in the Hunedoara County of Romania. Deva Castle was constructed to protect an important pass in the Poiana Ruscă Mountains.

Făgăraş Castle


Făgăraş Castle is an extensive medieval fortress in the Braşov County of Romania. Its construction began in 1310.

Horezu Monastery


Horezu Monastery was constructed in 1690 by Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu in Wallachia region.

Hunedoara Castle


Hunedoara Castle or Corvin Castle is a famous medieval stronghold that served as a prison for Vlad III of Walachia who is more commonly known as Dracula.

Lázár Castle


Lázár Castle is a medieval citadel situated in Lăzarea, Harghita County in Romania. It was named after Lazar or Lazarus aristocratic family in 15th century.

Peleş Castle


Peles Castle is a private royal residence constructed in 1873- 1914 by king Carol I of Romania.

Râşnov Castle


Râșnov Castle is located 15 km from Braşov in the city of Râșnov, Braşov County in Romania. It sits on top of one of the peaks in the Carpathian mountains at an elevation of 650 feet above modern town of Rasnov or Rosenau in German.

Retezat National Park


Retezat National Park is the oldest nature preserve Romania situated in Hunedoara County. It covers an area of 38 hectares of Retezat mountains.

Salt Mines of Turda


Salt Mines of Turda in Romania were used for centuries since the 11th century until it was closed in the early 20th century.



Archeological park of Sarmizegetusa is all that remains from the former capital of the Dacians who fiercly resisted Roman invasions.

Sighisoara Citadel


Sighişoara Citadel is a historic town situated on the banks of Tarnava River in Mures county in Romania. It was found in the 12th century by the Saxon (German region) colonists under name of Castrum Sex or Fortress Six.

Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa


Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa is the largest city that was constructed by the Ancient Romans in Romania.








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