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Lake Labyngkyr

Lake Labyngkyr

Lake Labyngkyr is located in the remote forests of Yakutia in the Russia's northeast territories. The legend of some strange creature have been circulating for centuries. Locals simply refer to him as Labyngkyr Devil. If it wasn't for testimony of well respected scientists that would probably remain ignored as one of many legends of the local natives.



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According to local Yakuti deer herders the animal is highly aggressive and attacks terrestrial animals at will. At one point it developed a taste for human young and started snatching kids. The tribesmen made a bait made of smoldering charcoal wrapped in deer skin and covered with animal fat and blood. The creature took the offer, ate it and few days latter it was found dead on the shore. Although it sounds like a fantasy creature's jaw was found and recovered by special NKVD (secret police). Until then it served as a entrance arch of the house. Although documents about retrieval of this strange finding survived what happened with a jaw bone is still a mystery.

In 1950's geological and biological surveys have been made in the region. One of the most compelling eye witness reports come from V.E. Tverdochlebov who reported seeing  a head of the creature while it swam underneath his boat. It was covered by dark grey scales and eyes were at the width of a boat. He also reported seeing a creature swim near a shore in August of 1953. Subsequent encounters with geologists in the area forced people to work at a distance from a lake or in cages if submersion to the bottom was necessary.

Several expeditions were lunched to the lake. Although the creature was never spotted several strange sounds in the water were detected. Furthermore a crevice on the bottom of the lake was discovered with bones of terrestrial animals scattered all over the bottom. With abundance of food in and around the lake in combination with the fact that the lake almost never freezes probably due to underwater warm springs this makes and interesting case among water dwelling monsters.




Lake Labyngkyr  Lake Labyngkyr

Lake Labyngkyr  Lake Labyngkyr  Lake Labyngkyr  Lake Labyngkyr  Lake Labyngkyr  Lake Labyngkyr  Lake Labyngkyr





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