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Fort Ino or Fort Nikolaevsky (форт Ино or форт Николаевский)

Fort Ino

Fort Ino or Fort Nikolaevsky is an old abandoned coastal fortress situated in Vyborgsky District, Leningrad Oblast in Russia.



Location: South- West of Molodezhnoe, Vyborgsky District, Leningrad Oblast  Map

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Description of Fort Ino

Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino

Fort Ino was constructed in 1909- 1916 as part of ground defenses for the capital of the Russian Empire of Saint Petersburg. It numbered 2000 infantry, 2000 artillery personnel and over 500 soldiers from other types of formations (engineers, Cossacks and etc). In January of 1917 this number grew to a total of 5500 men. After the Russian Revolution the fort basically lost most of its garrison. In 1918 only 200 soldiers remained defending it. Finnish White Army (anti- Bolshevik army) approached Fort Ino and an officer of the former Imperial Russian Army demanded surrender. The defenders instead blew up remaining structure on 14 May and retreated to the Red Navy ships that were sent to their rescue. The Finns captured the citadel, but it was largely reduced to rubble. According to Russian- Finnish Treaty of Tartu it was completely demolished by the Finnish government in 1921. Its ruins were abandoned.


Fort Ino Map1. Gun Battery 4 by 12"

2. Open Gun Battery 4 by 12"

3. Gun Battery 4 by 6"

4. Gun Battery 8 by 10"

5. Mortar Battery 8 by 11"

6. Defensive wall

7. Concrete trenches with infantry bunkers

8. Warehouse for 76 mm guns

9. Warehouse for headquarters

10. Post for measurement of distances

11. Machine gun

12. Living quarters

13. Military base

14. Warehouses

15. Bus stop "21 km" (twenty first kilometer)




Fort Ino  Fort Ino


Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino  Fort Ino

Fort Ino








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