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Novodvinskaya Fortress (Новодвинская Крепость)

Novodvinskaya Fortress

Novodvinskaya Fortress is an abandoned military complex located at the mouth of the Dvina river in Arkhangelsk Oblast in Russia. It was constructed in 1701 on the orders of the Russian Emperor Peter I the Great.



Location: Arkhangelsk Oblast  Map

Constructed: 1701





Description of Novodvinskaya Fortress

Novodvinskaya Fortress Map

The defenses of Novodvinskaya Fortress were intended to defend Russian ports against Swedish military fleet during the Great Northern War. It was considered as one of the best military fortifications of its time. Novodvinskaya Fort  contained 4 bastions with a moat around the citadel. It also had a church devoted to Holy apostles Peter and Paul.


However, despite its advanced defenses Novodvinskaya Fortress saw action only once against the Swedish navy. Seven Swedish ships under flags of United Kingdom and Holland tried to sneak through Russian lines. They were defeated after a brief, but violent encounter. Two ships got stuck on the shallow grounds and was abandoned. Novodvinskaya Fortress was visited by several emperors including Peter I, Nicholas I and Aleksandr II.


Novodvinskaya Fortress was abandoned in 1856 due to improvements in military technology. During Soviet Era the citadel was turned into NKVD site for Soviet Secret Police. It was used for secret testing and new advancements. Needless to say the site is surrounded by many legends and rumors. Today the site is abandoned. Volunteers from the MGU (Moscow Government University) are currently taking attempts to preserve the ruins of the military fortifications.




Novodvinskaya Fortress

Novodvinskaya Fortress  Novodvinskaya Fortress  Novodvinskaya Fortress  Novodvinskaya Fortress  Novodvinskaya Fortress  Novodvinskaya Fortress

Novodvinskaya Fortress is an interesting place for exploration. It still has many secrets and artifacts hidden in its soil. Its legacy of secret Soviet laboratories makes it further interesting and mysterious. However you should take in consideration that the site did not see any significant archeological digs and was never secured by the engineers. Cave ins and accidents in Novodvinskaya Fortress ruins are possible in the old structures that are still standing and underground tunnel systems.


Novodvinskaya Fortress







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