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Serbia Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Serbia 

Language: Serbian

Currency: Serbian dinar (RSD)

Calling Code: 381




Travel Destinations in Serbia


Bač Castle

Bac Castle is located in a Vojvodina region near a town of Bac. It was constructed in the 14th century on the orders of Hungarian king Charles Robert I.

Golubac Castle

Medieval stronghold of Golubac Castle is constructed on a peak overlooking Danube river.

Kalemegdan Castle

Kalemegdan Castle or Belgrade Fortress is located in the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

Maglič Castle

Enourmous medieval ruins of Maglic Castle are overlooking a picturesque valley.

Petrovaradin Castle

Stronghold of Petrovaradin Castle was constructed in the 18th century by duke Charles Eugène de Croÿ.

Smederevo Castle

Military fortifications of Smederevo Castle that stands on the banks of the Danube river is one of the largest in Serbia.



Introduction of Serbia

Republic of Serbia is located in Southeastern Europe in central part of Balkan Peninsula. About 20 % of the country is occupied by Pannonian lowland. North part of the country is dominated by predominantly plains. Farther in the south the terrain becomes more mountainous and rugged. Serbia contains 4 mountain ranges. Dinaric Alps in the west that extend to the northwest and southeast, Stara Planina (Old Mountains) and Eastern Serbian Mountains are located in the East extending into neighboring Bulgaria. And Rila- Rhodope mountain range take much of the country's south. Serbia's highest mountain is Mount Dzheravitsa at a height of 2656 meter.

Emergency numbers while traveling to Serbia

Police 92

Fire Department 93

Ambulance 94


Language of Serbia

Official language in Serbia is Serbia (what a suprise). Although in some regions people speak Hungarian, Albanian, Slovak, Romanian and Ruthenian.


Religion in Serbia

Most of Serbs belong to Orthodox Church. Christianity plays an important role in the lives of these people. For a long time monasteries and churches kept the spirit of people and helped preserve Serbian national identity. Even if the person might be very religious the institution of the Church is still highly regarded. Besides the Republic of Serbia has a fairly large Muslim community (5%) and Catholics (4%).







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