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Slovenia Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Slovenia

Language: Slovene

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Calling Code: 386




Travel Destinations in Slovenia


Bled Castle

Historic Bled Castle was constructed in the 10th century on a high cliff overlooking lake Bled below.

Celje Castle

Medieval Celje Castle is situated on top of the strategic mountain near village of Celje in Slovenia.

Julian Alps

Julian Alps is a massive mountain range that extends to Slovenia. It contains the highest peaks in the country including mount Triglav.

Križna Cave

Magnificent Križna Cave in South- Eastern Slovenia is a beatiful natural system of caverns with rich biodiversity.

Kupa River

Small Kupa River on the border between Croatia and Slovenia is a favorite destination for rafting.

Lake Cerknica

Lake Cerknica is a beautiful pristine lake in Slovenia famous for its intermittent appearance and disappearance throughout a year.

Mokrice Castle

Mokrice Castle is a medieval fortress situated near Jesenice, Brežice region of Slovenia. It was erected in 1444 in the Gorjanci hills.

Olimje Castle

Unusual Olimje Castle was constructed in the 16th century. Today it houses a Franciscan monastery.

Postojna Cave

Magnificent Postojna Cave is one of the largest and most impressive underground systems in Slovenia.

Predjama Castle

Medieval Predjama Castle was constructed in 13th century at the entrance of the cave.

Ptuj Castle

Ptuj Castle is a medieval citadel in the Ptuj, Lower Styria region. It was constructed in the 12th century.

Rakov Škocjan

Rakov Škocjan are famous for its magnificent natural bridges carved in the limestone by the Rak river.

Škocjan Caves

Ancient people believed that Skocjan Caves served as the entrance to the kingdom of Aides, kingdom of the dead.


Štanjel is a historic medieval fortified settlement in Littoral region in South West Slovenia. First village was found here by the Ancient Romans.

Triglav National Park

Magnificent Triglav National Park is located in the south central Slovenia.

Velenje Castle

Velenje Castle is a medieval fortress situated in Velenje in Šalek Valley. It was constructed in 1270 by Kunšperk family.

Vilenica Cave

Slovenian Vilenica Cave is a magnificent underground sytem that is opened to the public visits since it was discovered in 1633.






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