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Spain Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Spain

Language: Spanish

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Calling Code: 34




Travel Destinations in Spain


Madrid (Spain)

Castillo de los Mendoza


Mendoza Castle was build in 1475 by the orders of Mendoza family. Despite its age it is without a doubt one of the best preserved castles in Spain.

El Escorial


Philip II built El Escorial for himself as he was looking for solitude and peace. During his lifetime he liked to say that he wanted to build a 'palace for God and shack for the king'.



Madrid is the largest city in Spain and also the capital of the country.





Andalucia (Spain)

La Calahorra Castle


La Calahorra Castle in La Calahorra, Granada province of Spain is a small, but elegant fortress that was erected 1509 and 1512.



Aragon (Spain)

Aljafería Palace


Aljaferia Palace is a fortified medieval royal residence in the Aragon Province of Spain.  It is one of the most beautiful examples of Arabic architecture.

Alquézar Castle


Alquezar Castle is a medieval Arab citadel situated on a hill in the Aragon province of Spain. It was constructed by the Muslim army to defend their possessions.

Loarre Castle


Loarre Castle is a well preserved medieval citadel in Aragon. Its authentic Medieval walls and towers served as a backdrop for 'Kingdom of Heaven'.

Monzón Castle


Monzon Castle is a medieval stronhold originally builr by the Arabs forces. Later it was increased in size and complexity by the Templar knights.

Ordesa Valley


Ordesa Valley in Aragon province of Spain is one of the largest and beautiful glacial valleys in Europe. It is famous for population of the Pyrenean Chamois.



Castile and León (Spain)

Alcazar at Segovia


Impressive castle at Segovia is a medieval citadel that was turned into a magnificent royal palace.



Well preserved walls still surround medieval town of Avila.

Las Médulas


Las Medulas is a beautiful region near Ponferrada, El Bierzo famous for its picturesque red hills and Ancient Roman ruins of gold miners settlements.

Ponferrada Castle


Ponferrada Castle is a medieval castle in a Leon Province of Spain. It is famous for its unique and picturesque architecture.

Puebla de Sanabria


Medieval Puebla de Sanabria is famous for its medieval fortifications and narrow streets.



Historic city of Salamanca is one of the most unique and beautiful towns in Spain famous for its architecture.



Segovia population is only 55,000, but it has its own castle, cathedral and Roman aqueduct. All are symbolic icons of the past of this beautiful city that made Segovia part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Castile-La Mancha (Spain)

Calatrava la Nueva


Calatrava la Nueva is a massive medieval Spanish castle near Aldea de Rey, Ciudad Real province of Spain.

Calatrava la Vieja


Calatrava la Vieja is a ruined medieval stronghold situated in a Castile-La Mancha province of Spain. Its construction began began in 785.

Monasterio de Ucles


Monasterio de Ucles or Ucles Monastery is a massive Roman Catholic monastery complex perched on top of the hill near a town of Ucles in Spain.



Historic city of Toledo is a beautiful town in the Castile-La Mancha province of Spain.


Catalonia (Spain)

Aiguestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici


Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park is a nature reserve in Catalonia region of Spain that covers an area of 141 sq km.



Barcelona in the South of Spain boasts some of the most impressive examples of spanish architecture.

Montserrat Monastery


Montserrat is probably the most impressive Roman Catholic Monastery in Spain. It is perched on a side of a mountan overlooking a valley.




Tarragona is a beautiful ancient town on the shores of the sea. It was originally established by Phoenician settlers and became home to Pontius Pilate.


Galicia (Spain)



Baiona is a historical Spanish town situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Galicia province in the North- west Spain.

Castro de Santa Tecla Celtic Settlement


Castro de Santa Tecla is an ancient Celtic settlement situated near a little fishing port A Guardia.

Monasterio de Oseira


Monasterio de Oseira or Monastery of Santa Maria la Real of Oseira is a medieval Roman Catholic Monastery situated on the outskirts of town of Oseira in Galicia province of Spain.

Monasterio de Ribas de Sil


Barcelona in the South of Spain boasts some of the most impressive examples of spanish architecture.

Santiago de Compostela


Santiago de Compostela is a medieval town situated in Galicia region. In the old times it was third most popular site for pilgrimage among Christian.



Valencian Community (Spain)

Coves de Sant Josep


Coves de Sant Josep is a cave system where certain tunnels are accessible by boats.

Dénia Castle


Dénia Castle is a medieval castle located in Dénia in the province of Alicante. It was built in the 11th century on a rocky cliff overlooking the whole town below.

Monasterio de El Puig


El Puig Monastery of Saint Mary is a Roman Catholic monastery in El Puig, Valencia province of Spain.







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