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Sweden Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Sweden

Language: Swedish

Calling code: 46

Currency: Swedish krone (SEK)




Travel Destinations in Sweden


Stockholm (Sweden)

Drottningholm Palace

Drottnigholm Palace is a royal residence constructed on the island Lovön in Drottnigholm. Its construction started in the late 16th century.
Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago is a cluster of 24,000 islands situated East of Stockholm, capital of Sweden, in the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden and also its capital. The city was found in the 13th century on a small island in Strommel channel between Baltic Sea and Lake Malaren.


Bohuslän (Sweden)

Bohus Fortress

Bohus Fortress is a historic medieval stronghold situated in Kungälv, Bohuslän of Sweden. It was constructed in 1308.
Carlsten Castle

Carlsten Castle is a citadel in Marstrand. It was constructed following the Treaty of Roskilde when Swedish Empire acquired large territories.

Gothenburg is second largest city in Sweden and also its largest port. It is spread over two provinces Bohuslän and Västergötland.


Dalarna (Sweden)

Fulufjället National Park

Fulufjället National Park is a nature reserve within Älvdalen Municipality in Dalarma County of Sweden.
Great Copper Mountain

Great Copper Mountain in Falun region of Sweden is a historic abandoned complex that was used for extraction of copper.
Lake Siljan

Lake Siljan is a beautiful pristine lake situated in Dalarna Province of Sweden. It covers a total area of 354 km² with a total depth of 120 meters.
Njupeskar Waterfall

Njupeskar Waterfall is a picturesque waterfall along a flow of Njupån river. It is situated in Fulufjället National Park in Dalarma County of Sweden.


Lapland (Sweden)

Muddus National Park

Muddus National Park is a nature reserved in Norrbotten County of Sweden. It covers a total area of 493 sq km (191 sq mi).



Norrbotten County (Sweden)

Padjelanta National Park

Padjelanta National Park is a pristine nature reserve situated in Norrbotten County. Padjelanta National Park covers a total area of 1,984 sq km.
Sarek National Park

Sarek National Park is a nature preserve in the Norbotten County of Sweden. It covers a total area of 1,970 km2 (760 sq mi).


Oland (Sweden)

Borgholm Castle

Borgholm Castle is historic medieval citadel situated in Borgholm of Sweden. Borgholm Castle was originally constructed in the 12th century.
Eketorp Castle

Eketorp Castle is a unique circular medieval citadel situated in Oland region of Sweden.


Östergötland (Sweden)

Bjärka-Säby Castle

Bjärka-Säby Castle is a beautiful baroque residence situated near Linkoping. Despite its military name it is not actually a castle.


Skåne (Sweden)

Bäckaskog Castle

Bäckaskog Castle is a medieval castle situated in the Kiaby parish. It was constructed in the 13th century as a Roman Catholic monastery.
Bosjökloster Castle

Bosjökloster or Bosjo Abbey is a actually a former monastery that stands on the shores of Lake Ringsjön in the Höör Municipality of Sweden.


Småland (Sweden)


Brahehus is a historic structure situated in Gränna, Småland of Sweden. Brahehus was erected in 1640s by Count Per Brahe.
Kalmar Castle

Construction of Kalmar Castle was started here on the orders of Magnus III of Sweden Ladulås in 1280's.


Västergötland (Sweden)

Karlsborg Fortress

Karlsborg Fortress is an old citadel in Karlsborg, Västergötland of Sweden. It was constructed in 1819.









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