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Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall is a lesser known Ancient Roman military fortification stretched across Central Belt of Scotland.



Location: Central Belt of Scotland  Map

Constructed: 142- 154 AD





Description of the Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall  Antonine Wall       

Antonine Wall was constructed in 142- 154 AD on the order of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius. Gradual push inside the island made Hadrian's Wall somewhat obsolete since it didn't protect settlements and fortresses that appeared north of it. As the Roman legions left the island in the early 5th century the wall and its fortresses were abandoned. Many of the stones that made them up were reused for other structures by surrounding farmers. Currently it is in worse shape than the Hadrian's Wall. Little remains from its former glory other than impressive earthworks that are still visible in the Scottish countryside.

Antonine Wall on Map  Antonine Wall Map











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