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Chronology of the Ancient Greece

Greek Civilization Timeline

Ancient Greek Civilization is without a doubt one of the most important cultures of human history. Despite its small size it gave the World democracy, philosophy, and many other incredible inventions.












1100 BC - 800 BC    

Dark Ages

800 BC - 480 BC    

Archaic Period

776 BC   Traditional date of the first Olympic games
757- 738 BC   The First Messenian War
734 BC   Polydorus sends greek colonists to South Italy
685- 665 BC   The Second Messenian War
621 BC   Athenian lawgiver, Draco, introduces a code of law with a rare imagination for punishments. Every crime is punishable by death thus the name Draconian Laws.
569- 500 BC   Pythagoras
480 BC - 323 BC    

Classical Period

480 BC   Battle of Thermopylae. King Leonidas along with 300 Spartans sacrifice themselves in order to stop Persian king Xerxes.
480 BC   Battle of Artemisium. A draw between Persians and Greeks fleets
480 BC   Battle of Salamis. Desisive victory of the Greeks over Persion fleet
431- 404 BC   Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta along with other cities that take two sides
429 BC   Percles dies during Athenian Plague
338 BC   Aug 2. Philip of Macedon defeats joint armies of Athens and Thebes at Chaeronea
336 BC   Alexander the Great/ the Macedonian succeeds Philip of Macedon after he was assassinated by Pausanias of Orestis
333 BC   Oct. Battle of Issus. Alexander the Great defeats Persian king Darius III
332 BC   Alexander conquers Egypt
331 BC   Oct. 1. Battle of Gaugamela
330 BC   Democritus develops Atomic theory
329 BC   Alexander conquers Samarkand
327 BC   Alexander invades Northern India
323 BC   Alexander dies
323 BC - 146 BC    

Hellenistic Period

323- 322 BC   Lamian War
280- 275 BC   Pyrrhic War
279 BC   Gallic invasion of the Balkans
274- 271 BC   First Syrian War
260- 253 BC   Second Syrian War
246- 241 BC   Third Syrian War
219- 217 BC   Fourth Syrian War
214- 205 BC   First Macedonian War
203- 200 BC   Fifth Syrian War
200- 196 BC   Second Macedonian War
192- 188 BC   Roman- Syrian War
172- 167 BC   Third Macedonian War
170- 168 BC   Sixth Syrian War
150- 148 BC   Fourth Macedonian War











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