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History of Major Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations Timeline

History of all peoples are important, yet several civilizations stand out as most influential on our modern World. We included several chronological timelines of these cultures.












Roman/Byzantine Empire

Roman Empire is probably one of the most influential Empires in human history. Ancient Romans managed to incorporate all of Mediterranean into a single state. Unlike many other civilizations before Rome developed relative harmony between the capital and its provinces. As a result various corners of the Roman Empire flourished and developed their own culture thus enriching the whole Empire.



Ancient Greek Civilization is without a doubt one of the most important cultures of human history. Despite its small size it gave the World democracy, philosophy, and many other incredible inventions.



Mysterious Etruscan civilization left us few clues about its cultures and its people. Yet these few artifacts tell us about broad and well developed society that later influenced growing Roman Civilization.



Aztec Civilization is a fairly brief one. Yet Aztecs left a legacy of magnificent cities, developed trade routes and incredibly violent culture.



Ancient Mayan Civilization is one of the largest and most influential cultures in the Americas. But with their great achievements we should also not forget that it was overproduction of their land that led the Mayans to ecological catastrophe that spelled a demise for these mysterious and interesting people.



Ancient Egyptian Civilization is one of the oldest and most influential civilizations in the World. Its achievements influenced Western philosophy, religious fought and other important aspects of a modern World.










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