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Chronology of the Mayan Civilization

Mayan Civilization Timeline

Ancient Mayan Civilization is one of the largest and most influential cultures in the Americas. But with their great achievements we should also not forget that it was overproduction of their land that led the Mayans to ecological catastrophe that spelled a demise for these mysterious and interesting people.












11,000- 2000 BC    


11,000 BC   First influx of hunters- gatherers to Yucatan peninsula
3114-3113 BC   Creation of the current World according to Maya
2000- 1800 BC    


1800-900 BC    

Early Preclassic Maya

900-300 BC    

Middle Preclassic Maya

600 BC   Settlement at Tikal
300 BC   First presence of Maya on the island of Cozumel
300 BC- 250 AD    

Late Preclassic Maya

250- 600 AD    

Early Classic Maya

600- 900 AD    

Late Classic Maya

900-1500 AD  




Post Classic Maya









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