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Cerros Archaeological Site


Cerros Archaeological Site is an ancient Mayan archaeological site located in the North Belize on the border with Mexico.



Location: Northern Belize   Map




Description of Cerros Archaeological Site

Cerros  Cerros  Cerros  Cerros

City state of Cerros established at the mouth of the New River before it empties its water into the  Caribbean Sea. The site was established around 400 BC during the Late Preclassic Era. Original inhabitants of Cerros were fishermen and farmers. In the first century AD the city grew. It became an important trading post of the Mayan civilization. Several temples, two ball courts and many other political and religious structures were constructed in the centre of the city. The city was abandoned around 400 AD. Only in 1900 Thomas Gann identified the archaeological site, mistakenly calling pyramids that were covered by jungles as lookout mounds for the Mayans.









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