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Lamanai Archaeological Site


Lamanai is an ancient Mayan archaeological site located on the shore of the New River in the Orange Walk District of Belize.




Location: Orange Walk District  Map

Open: 8am- 5pm

Entrance Fee: BZ $10





Description of Lamanai Archaeological Site

Lamanai  Lamanai  Lamanai  Lamanai

History did not preserve the original name for this ancient settlement of Lamanai. Its modern name means "submerged crocodile" in the local Mayan dialect. Which brings in a side note. New River has crocodiles so be careful if you decide to approach it. The site was first settled in 1500 BC and there is evidence that it was inhabited till arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, although it lost most of its population upon the arrival of the Europeans. This city became an important trade out post for the copper metallurgy those deposits were found here.

Lamanai  Lamanai  Lamanai  Lamanai











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