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Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands Destinations Travel Guide

The islands of the Caribbean Sea is a unique combination of European, African and Native American cultures that formed distinctinly different cultures on several islands.






Travel Destinations in the Caribbean Sea


Aruba is an island in the Caribbean Sea that belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The Bahamas

Magnificent Bahamas Islands is a group of islands off the Atlantic coast of United States.
Dominica Island

Dominica or the Nature Island of the Caribbean is one of the least altered islands of the Caribbean islands.
Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an independent state in the Caribbean basin that covers eastern two- thirds of the islands of Hispaniola.

Jamaica, the heart of the Carribean, is one of the most famous islands in the region due to its music and culture.
Netherlands Antilles

Netherlands Antilles is a peace of European North in the South Carribean Sea.
Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands are famous for its coral reefs and diverse marine wild life.
Puerto Rico

Beautiful Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the Unites States in the Northeastern Caribbean Sea that was acquired after the Spanish- American war.
U.S. Virgin Islands

US Virgin islands is a group of Caribbean islands that are part of the Virgin Islands archipelago.








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