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El Mirador Archaeological Site

 El Mirador

El Mirador  Archaeological Site is ancient Mayan archeological site situated in El Petén Department in Guatemala. It is one of the largest and oldest of the Mayan sites.





Location: El Petén Department     Map




Description of El Mirador Archaeological Site

Unlike many other site El Mirador  Archaeological Site is largely covered by jungle and it is still awaits discovery. There are no roads that take you here other than a simple hiking trail that starts at Carmelita. It is advisable to take guides with you so you don't get lost on the way to the site. It will take two to three days to get here by foot. Rain, heat and mud is not the worst thing in the jungle. Take plenty of mosquito repellants and antihistamines. Termites, ants, plants and other living creatures can sting pretty bad causing allergic reactions even in those who never had them before. Although you can take another route and simply take a helicopter.


El Mirador  El Mirador  El Mirador  El Mirador  El Mirador

El Mirador  Archaeological Site was an important trading center in the early years of Mayn civilization. It flourished from 300 BC to 150 AD in the Pre- Classic Period. The population of El Mirador swelled to 80,000 residents. They helped construct many grand pyramids, religious complexes and other structures on the area of 2 km2. The largest pyramid of La Danta temple reaches a height of 70 metres (230 feet). Another religious temple of El Tigre reaches a height of 55 meters (180 feet).


La Danta (El Mirador)












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