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Guatemala Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Guatemala

Language: Spanish

Currency: Quetzal (GTQ)

Calling Code: 502





Travel Destinations in Guatemala




Antigua is a pleasant town famous for its beautiful parks and magnificent Spanish architecture.


Bocas del Polochic


Bocas del Polochic is an extensive nature preserve of diverse ecosystem in Guatemala.


El Mirador


El Mirador Archeological Site is one of the largest, one of the oldest and least uncovered Mayan city state.

El Remate


El Remate is famous for small eco- friendly hotels designated for tourists who like seclusion and pristine untouched nature.

Grutas de Lanquín


Grutas de Lanquín is underground cave system with beautiful geological formations situated in Guatemala.


Lake Atitlán


Lake Atitlán is situated 16 km (10 mi) South- East of Antigua in Guatemala. It covers a surface area of 130.1 sq km (50.2 sq mi).

Semuc Champey


Semuc Champey Natural monument famous for its colorful waters is situated in Alta Verapaz Department.



Tikal is an ancient Mayan site located in El Petén Department of Guatemala was first settled in the 4th century BC.









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