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Tikal Archaeological Site


Tikal Archaeological Site is an important Mayan archeological site that gained a title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tikal ancient site located in El Petén Department of Guatemala.

Tikal Map




Location: Tikal, El Petén Department    Map

Found: 4th century BC




Description of Tikal Archaeological Site

Tikal  Archaeological Site is one of the most important Mayan sites in the region. During its heyday Tikal was the capital of one of the most powerful city states. Archeological digs still continue, but scientists already uncovered over three thousands buildings of various sizes. Some of the most interesting sites of Tikal  Archaeological Site include six large pyramids in the historic center that date back to VII- VIII centuries. In addition to traditional notation Roman numerals that archeologists usually give to major buildings, these temples received romantic names including Temple of Jaguar, Temple of Masks, Temple of Inscriptions and many others.


Tikal  Archaeological Site is an unique place among other Mayan sites. In addition to its historic and archaeological significance, Tikal is also famous for its extensive work on conservation of rare and endangered species of wild animals such as ocelots, peccaries, monkeys, parrots and jaguars.


Tikal  Tikal  Tikal  Tikal  Tikal  Tikal

History of Tikal Archaeological Site

Current site of Tikal   Archaeological Site was first settled in the 4th century BC. It became most powerful and influential in the seventh and eight centuries, when most of major temples were constructed.



Tikal  Tikal  Tikal











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