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Panama Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Panama

Language: Spanish

Currency: Balboa (PAB)

Calling Code: +507




Description of Panama

Panama is a country located in the southeast of Central America. Its official name is the Republic of Panama and its capital is Panama City, bounded on the north by the Caribbean Sea, on the south by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by Colombia and on the west by Costa Rica. It has an area of ​​75 420 km², located on the isthmus of the same name, a strip that joins South America with Central America, its mountainous territory is only interrupted by the Panama Canal, the interoceanic road that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean and whose construction, at the beginning of the 20th century, is recognized as a milestone of engineering.

Politically, its territory is constituted by 10 provinces and by five indigenous districts since 2014. According to the Panamanian Constitution, Spanish is the official language of the country and all Panamanians have a duty to know it and the right to use it. In 2006, it was the mother tongue of 93.1% of Panamanians, while other languages, also Panamanian, are recognized in the educational system in diverse communities where the indigenous population is the majority.

Panama condition as a transit country made it an early meeting point for cultures from all over the world. The country is the geographical scenario of the Panama Canal, a work that facilitates communication between the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and that significantly influences world trade. And now with the recent inauguration of the expanded Canal, it offers a greater transit of cultures. Due to its geographical position, it currently offers the world a wide platform of maritime, commercial, real estate and financial services, including the Colon Free Zone, the largest free zone in the continent and the second in the world.

With a population of over four million inhabitants, it has a privileged position in several classifications of growth and development in Latin America, such as the 2016 human development index (first in Central America and fourth in Latin America). Panama is the second most competitive country in Latin America after Chile according to the World Economic Forum, but also the Latin American country with the highest economic growth The country is cataloged in absolute terms, that is, without taking into account the distribution of wealth With the American dollar as the official currency.


Travel Destination in Panama

Cerro Hoya National Park

Cerro Hoya National Park is a nature preserve in Panama, situated 1.2 mi West of Jobero in Panama.

Chagres National Park

Chagres National Park is a protected area in the Panama province in the central Panama. It covers a total area of 129,000 ha.

Darien National Park

Darien National Park is UNESCO biosphere reserve situated in the South East Panama. It covers an area of 5,790 sq km.

Chiriqui Gulf Marine National Park

Chiriqui Gulf Marine National Park is a marine nature reserve that protects an area of Chiriqui Gulf in the South West Panama.

Isla Bastimentos National Park

Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park is a nature reserve situated in the Bocas del Tora District of Panama.

Isla Coiba National Park

Isla Coiba National Park covers an island of Coiba. It covers an area of 503 sq km in the Montijo District of Panama.

La Amistad International Park

La Amistad International Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the North West Panama. It covers an area of 1992 sq km.

Metropolitan Nature Park

Metropolitan Nature Park is a nature reserve situated within borders of a Panama City in the Ancon district.

Omar Torrijos National Park

Omar Torrijos National Park is a nature reserve situated 31 mi Northwest of Penonome, 5 mi Northwest of El Cope in Panama.

Panama Canal

Panama Canal was finished in the early twentieth century unites Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and instantly became a symbol of human progress and ingenuity.

Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo is a former old Panama City. Today it is situated in its suburbs of the modern capital of Panama.

Soberania National Park

Soberanía National Park is situated 25 km (16 mi) from Panama City in Colón, Panamá provinces in Panama.

Volcán Barú

Volcán Barú is an active stratovolcano situated in the Chiriquí Province in Panama that opens a great view of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.










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