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Canada Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Canada

Language: English, French

Currency: Dollar (CAD)

Calling Code: +1





Travel Destination in Canada


Alberta (Canada)

Banff National Park


Banff National Park is situated 110 kilometers (70 mi) West of Calgary in the Alberta province of Canada. It protects 2,580 sq. mi (6,680 sq. km) of picturesque mountains and lakes in Alberta province.

Jasper National Park


Jasper National Park is located in Alberta territory of Canada. This national reserve covers an area of 10,878 sq km (4,200 sq mi).

Waterton Lakes National Park


Waterton Lakes National Park is located in Alberta province in Canada. This natural reserve covers an area of 505 kmĀ².



British Columbia (Canada)

Barkerville Ghost Town

Barkerville Ghost Town is situated in a province of British Columbia in Canada. It was originally found in 1862.

Kootenay National Park


Kootenay National Park covers an area of British Columbia in Western Canada. National park covers an area of 1,406 sq km.



Northwest Territories (Canada)

Nahanni National Park


Nahanni National Park is situated in Northwest Territories of Canada. This national park covers an area of 30,000 sq km.





Newfoundland and Lablador (Canada)

Gros Morne National Park


Gros Morne National Park was designed an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 for its beautiful views, diverse ecosystem and unique biosphere.

Torngat Mountains National Park


Torngat Mountains National Park is one of the newest addition to Labrador and Newfoundland province of Canada. It covers 9,600 km2 (3,707 sq mi) of pristine lakes, mountains and glaciers.



Nunavut (Canada)

Quttinirpaaq National Park


Quttinirpaaq National Park in Nunavut province of Canada is famous for its spectacular glaciers and rich biosphere.

Sirmilik National Park


Sirmilik National Park is located in Nunavut province in Canada. This national park covers an area of 22,200 sq km (8,571 sq mi).



Saskatchewan (Canada)

Prince Albert National Park


Prince Albert National Park is located in Saskatchewan province in Canada. The national park covers an area of 1496 sq mi.



Yukon (Canada)

Ivvavik National Park


Ivvavik National Park Yukon province of Canada is isolated stretch of wilderness rich with wild life.

Kluane National Park


Kluane National Park in Yukon province of Canada has one of the largest and diverse biospheres in the country.









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