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El Tajin Archaeological Site

El Tajin

El Tajin Archaeological Site is an archaeological site situated 12 km (7 mi) Southeast of Pozarica in the Mexican state of Veracruz.




Location: 12 km (7 mi) Southeast of Pozarica, Veracruz  Map

Open: 9am- 5pm daily

El Tajin




Description of El Tajin Archaeological Site

Valladolid  Valladolid

El Tajin Archaeological Site reached the peak of its power between early 9th to the early 13th century. The most famous structure of El Tajin is the Pyramid of the Niches. Its unique architecture and appearance makes it one of the most beautiful and notable such structures in Mesoamerica.


Pyramid of the Niches (El Tajin Archaeological Site)

Valladolid  Valladolid

El Tajin  El Tajin  El Tajin

Valladolid  Valladolid  Valladolid








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