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Tulum Archaeological Site

Tulum Archeological Site

Tulum Archeological Site LocationTulum Archaeological Site is Mayan walled city that served as port for the nearby city of Coba. Its name means "the wall" in Mayan. However for the ancients it was known as Zama or "Dawn" due to its eastern location. Standing on 39 feet (12 meter) cliffs it overlooks the Caribbean sea. Based on numerous murals and inscriptions this city was also an important cultural site of worship of descending or diving god. No name of the deity survives today.




Location: Yucatan Peninsula





Description of Tulum Archaeological Site

The present site was established no later than 6th century AD. However most of stone buildings that survive are from the Post- Classical Mayan period between 1200 and 1450. The site was occupied then the Spaniards landed on the shores of the New World . Even though the site was abandoned by the late 16th century Mayans came here to burn incense and worship their ancestors as late as the 20th century.

Map of Tulum Archaeological Site

Tulum Archeological Site Layout Map

Great Temple Castle (Tulum Archaeological Site)

  Tulum Archeological Site

Temple of the Frescoes (Tulum Archaeological Site)


Great Palace (Tulum Archaeological Site)

Tulum Archeological Site  Tulum Archeological Site



Tulum Archeological Site   









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