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Uxmal Archaeological Site


Uxmal Archaeological Site is an ancient Mayan archaeological site situated 78 km (48 mi) South of Merida in Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. It is one of the better preserved sites in the region with unique buildings, beautiful architecture that earned its place on an UNESCO World Heritage List.



Location: 78 km (48 mi) South of Merida, Yucatan

Open: 8am- 5pm





Description of Uxmal Archaeological Site

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Uxmal Archaeological Site was first settled in the 10th century BC during Pre-Classic Maya Period. It gained great influence in the Puuc Hills region and reached its peak somewhere between 800 and 1000 AD with over 25,000 inhabitants. However by the time the European settlers arrived Uxmal was a mere ghost of itself. Constant warfare and agricultural collapse undermined its power. By the 15th century Uxmal was nothing more than a site for pilgrimage.


The tallest structure in Uxmal Archaeological Site is the House of the Magician that stands at 100 feet tall. It is found just as you enter the archaeological park. Mayans believed that it was home of Itzamna, a great magician who constructed his home in just one night. In reality the buildings was constructed in several stages over expanse of several decades. Older versions of a building were simply covered by later additions as residents of Uxmal gathered enough resources to allow new construction. Currently the House of the Magician is closed to climbing. This was done after several foreign tourists died during accidents here and in other Mayan sites. Another interesting place in Uxmal is the Nunnery. It was one of the first places to be rediscovered by modern scientists. Although it is called Nunnery it was never home to any Mayan nuns. It was probably a school for priests, astrologers, healers and other mystical professions that were popular in the Mayan city- states. The Governor's Palace occupies five acres. It is one of the best preserved royal residences in Yucatan and much of the ancient Mayan World. It is peculiar that despite ability to create massive religious, civil and other buildings Mayans never managed to create spacious arches. Mayan arches are wedge shaped and don't offer much space between the supporting columns. This makes The Governor's Palace somewhat claustrophobic for the modern men or women.










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