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Devil’s Lake

Devil’s Lake

Devil's Lake is located just two miles south of Baraboo, Wisconsin on the South Range of the Baraboo hills. Devil’s lake got it’s name from the Ho- Chunk nation. Native Americans believed that during their rituals a voice was heard coming from a lake. These celebrations are still held annually. At the south end of the lake there is a burial mount in a form of a giant bird that spreads its wings. It is located on the South end of the lake in the beginning of East Bluff trail.

Devil’s Lake 




Location: Sauk County   Map





Description of the Devil's Lake

Devil’s Lake  Devil’s Lake  Devil’s Lake  Devil’s Lake  Devil’s Lake  Devil’s Lake  Devil’s Lake  Devil’s Lake

Devil’s Lake is part of the Devil’s lake State Park and requires permits for some of the activities like fishing for example. Park’s rock formations are also famous with rock climbers and attract thousands of professionals as well as beginners annually. Ice Age Loop is the only trail that is allowed to bikers. It is 4 miles long. Both North and South ends of the lake have areas for picnics equipped with tables, shelters, lavatories, small food stores and visitor center. Besides several trails of different difficulty go around the lake. It is not recommended for those who might encounter medical complications to take steep approaches like East Bluff, East Bluff Woods or West Bluff trail.


Devil’s Lake

Devil’s Lake Devil’s Lake Devil’s Lake Devil’s Lake


Climbing around the Devil's Lake

Devil’s Lake Devil’s Lake Map for Climbing

Devil’s Lake  Devil’s Lake  Devil’s Lake

Map of part of Devil's Lake State Park








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