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Fort Ross

Fort Ross

Fort Ross is a historic Russian fortress that was constructed in future state of California to protected South borders of the spreading Russian Empire against Spanish Empire to the South.




Location: Healdsburg, CA    Map

Constructed: 1812





Description of Fort Ross

Fort Ross  Fort Ross Cemetary  Fort Ross Cannons  Fort Ross Church  Fort Ross  Fort Ross

Fort Ross was found here as a fortress post for the Russian empire in 1812. Fort Ross was intended to safeguard the possessions of the Russian tsars in the New World from competing Spaniards to the south. Napoleon's betrayal of the Spanish kings allowed cooperation between the two countries. Otter hunting and agricultural ventures were chief tasks of the new settlers. However its role was fairly brief and the fort along with surrounding lands was sold in 1841 following decimation of local fauna by international over hunting.


Fort Ross










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