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Haunted and abandoned destinations around the World

Garnet Ghost Town


Garnet, Montana is a ghost town found near a golden deposit that was discovered here in 1862. Construction of railroad through the area greatly increased profitability of golden extraction. Two boom- bust cycles occurred in Garnet in 1883-93 and 1898-1904 with the highest number of residents reaching 3000. In 1912 declining Garnet was hit by a great fire. Whatever survived the flames were carefully preserved by Bureau of Land Management.




Location: Granite County, Montana  Map

Found: 1860s

Most Haunted Places in the World




J.K. Wells Hotel (winter 1897)

Garnet  Garnet  Garnet  Garnet  Garnet  Garnet  Garnet

Garnet Ghost Haunting

Like any ghost town Garnet has its own share of alleged paranormal activity. This includes full body apparition of a gold miner who died in the city. A more common sight is that of a woman who was executed by Garnet officials for murdering her lover. Additionally some eyewitnesses claim to hear ghostly voices and loud music that is heard around the area of a former saloon.


Garnet  Garnet  Garnet  Garnet  Garnet  Garnet  Garnet










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