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Cajas National Park (Parque Nacional Cajas)

Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park known also as Parque Nacional Cajas or simply El Cajas is located in Azuay Province in Ecuador. Cajas National Park covers an area of 285.44 km² (28,544 ha).




Location: Azuay Province   Map

Area: 285.44 km² (28,544 ha)




Description of Cajas National Park


The name of Cajas National Park is derived from a local dialect of Quichua native tribes and is translated as "cold" or "doorway to snowy mountains". Either way the name fits the description of Ecuadorian highlands. Most of Cajas National Park is located at the elevation between 3100 m and 4450 m above sea level. Dress appropriately since the average temperatures here are 13.2 °C and if you have problems with high altitudes you should take medications to decrease its negative effects.


Cajas National Park  Cajas National Park  Cajas National Park  Cajas National Park

Travel Destinations in Cajas National Park

Hill of Three Crosses

Hill of Three Crosses is one of the highest point in the protected reserve. It serves as a watershed boundary between waters that flows to the Pacific on the Western side and water that flows to the Amazon river and subsequently to the Atlantic Ocean on the Eastern side. The three crosses is devoted to all the lives lost who died in the vicinity of this geological formation.








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