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Nacunday National Park (Parque Nacional Ñacunday)

Nacunday National Park

Nacunday National Park or Parque Nacional Ñacunday is located near Ñacunday, Alto Paraná Department in Paraguay. The park covers an area of 2000 hectares.




Location: Ñacunday, Alto Paraná Department   Map

Area: 2000 hectares





Description of Nacunday National Park

Nacunday National Park

Its most famous feature of Nacunday National Park is Salto Ñacunday Waterfall on Ñacunday river that becomes a tributary of Parana river. It is over 100 meters wide and its tallest drop is over 30 meters. The average temperature in this Paraguayan national park is around 21.5 °C. The average annual rainfall ranges from 1,500 to 1,700 mm. It is prohibited for tourists to collect firewood, fruits, plants in the nature reserve. Although the exception to this are local natives who use the fruits of the land for their religious purposes and sustain themselves. The entrance of the park is located about 90 km from Ciudad del Este. Take an asphalt road to Cedrales and then take a gravel road to get to the entrance of the park. There is not much development here. You might need to ask for help from the local population.


Salto Ñacunday Waterfall

Nacunday National Park  Nacunday National Park








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