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Mochima National Park (Parque Nacional Mochima)

Parque Nacional Mochima

Mochima National Park or Parque Nacional Mochima is a massive protected area in the Sucre State in in the North Venezuela. It covers a total area of over 949 sq km that covers shoreline biosphere between Puerto La Cruz and CumanĂ¡ as well as 32 islands offshore.




Location: Sucre state  Map

Area: 949 sq km




Description of Mochima National Park


You can visit islands of Mochima National Park by taking a boat from Puerto La Cruz for a total price of 80 Bolivar fuerte. Major islands include Arapito, Chimana Granda, Monos and las Borrachas and many others. They are covered by untouched pristine forests and coral reefs just off shore. You can spend a day relaxing on a private quiet beaches or do some snorkeling and scuba diving. If you want to spend more time in Mochima National Park you can also spend a night on a shore. Camping permit is only 10 Bolivar fuerte per night per person.



Coral Reefs in Mochima National Park


Parque Nacional Mochima  Parque Nacional Mochima  Parque Nacional Mochima     









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